Thursday, February 4, 2016

A singer who chose music over cigarette..

     Somehow things were not working for this Singer..He was doing everything rite.He was passionate ,hardworking .He didn't miss his daily practice..wrote songs regularly listened to the masters..But he was not able to win . Every time he went on stage his voice didn't support .resulting in an average performance...

    With a head full of thoughts he came out ,for a fag..Watching the smoke coming out of cigarettes he was thinking what went wrong. Cigarette after Cigarette were lit but no solution was found..He thought this wasn't working ;no solution seemed to come out..Amidst too much frustration he threw the cigarette butt ,picked up his guitar and was ready to go....

   Just when  he was about to leave, something struck.;.His mind recalled the words of  his teacher..
"Cigarette and singing don't go hand in hand.You have to choose between singing and smoking"..

Everything seemed clear now..The countless number of cigarettes he smoked ,the no of bad performances unraveled in his mind in a form of recap..He realized the reason for that raspy voice ,breathlessness and hence bad performances...It was that stupid smoke....

   There was one option ..Singing or Smoking. Singing was love for him and smoking a severe addiction.Giving up  anything of the two was bit challenging..But eventually he decided to let go of his addiction..He decided to kick the cigarette butt in its butt..

   It was pretty hard for him ..Everytime he went out or saw someone smoking he was attracted to smoke but the resolve in him resisted..Everytime he went out with friends for a drink he was made fun off for becoming a saint but his resolve kept him grounded.Also the withdrawl symptoms were killing him ..He went through severe headaches ,depression ,sleepless nights..But he tried to resist ,,

  It so happened that one day he lost control and went out and lit a cigarette...One puff inside he felt ashamed ..He thought of the past and the reason he quit it.He cried out of guilt..And then he came back with a stronger resolve...And he never looked back thereafter...

Fast Forward 2 months:

 He was all set to perform.There was a fear in him as to what will happen ..Slowly the music began...
And he started singing..There was no raspy throat nor there was breathlessness..His voice came out as smooth a silk...He closed his eyes and sang his heart out..when he finished the auditorium roared with a standing ovation..
 A small tear rolled from his eye..

A girl ran to him and asked ..How did he get such a beautiful voice....He just smiled and walked away in content....

He finally chose passion and music  over a stupid habit..He chose to make others happy through his music than just making himself happy...He chose music over addiction..He choose a life that had impact on others ...than merely wasting it..

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

A R Rehman Classical Folk Fusion

Check out my Youtube project .A classical Folk Fusion Of an A R Rehman Song...(Ruth a gayi re)..If you loke it please share and subscribe.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Need your Help to Perform with Arijith Singh

Hi ,
    .I have made it to Finals of "Alive India Singing contest".If i win i will be performing along with  Arijith singh,Usha Uthup,mohd irfan,palak munchal.

But the finals winner will be decided on  facebook votes.And i am running on very low votes.I need your help for the votes.Also if anyone of you could share this stuff on your blog or your twitter/Facebook page then  that would be great.Counting on my blogger&reader family for help

Click ON the following link  
CLick on "Sumanth" to vote below photo.
Scroll to the bottom of page and then click Submit Choice"(Dont Forget to SUbmit ELse vote wont be cast
**You can vote daily till 23rd jan ** **Daily Once**

Am also attaching my  youtube performance that i gave
The youtube link of my performances

Friday, November 21, 2014

A time travel to childhood days

When I saw this Blogging contest about Rhymes and childhood stories  by Blogadda i was very Intrigued.I then started watching those videos,of Kids Hut.Man,what an experience it was.It was a straight time travel to my Childhood.It reminded me of my GrandMa who used to tell me all those stories in a picturesque way.
We as kids didnt have access to IPads/Doremon/Chota Bheem .All we had was those cute morally rich stories told by my Grandma and others.These stories left us with great memories and great teachings..Let me share 2 such stories with you

Story 1:

 This story i still remember the way i read it in a story book with big fonts.It so happened that i was very much fascinated by this story.So i ended up byhearting the story.I think I was in H.K.G at that time.So next morning i went to school and told my teacher that i know this story of "Lion and the Mouse".So the teacher asked me to tell the story to her.I went head and told her the complete story.She was very much Impressed.She asked me to tell the story in front of the whole class.I did and got a thunderous applause.(Offcourse the teacher asked the students to applaud ) . It didnt end here.Next up my teacher took me to another division and made me tel the story again.So i did again getting a huge applause.
           When i think about this now ,i just remember such a beautiful experience it was.Also the story in itself teaches a big morale of helping each other

Story 2:

Yet another beautiful story from my childhood.I remember my Grandma and Mother telling me this story often at bed time and at the end of the story they used to emphasize the importance of being clever.The story was so ingrained in me that whenever my relatives used to visit i used to bug them with this story and few others.
           The short simple story has  lot of relevance even to this day.It shows the importance of creativity and out of box thinking...Kudos to the story ....

I congratulate Kidz hut for doing such a beautiful job.They have somehow kept alive the art of story telling for our dear kids ,while the parents are busy in meeting deadlines.Keep more interesting stuff coming.All the best..

P.S.This post is a part of Kids Hut activity at

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We cant afford to Lose scientists Because of Toilets

Babli is a cute girl .A very intelligent kid.Highly creative.A topper in almost all aspects in school.But somehow after 3rd standard she left the school.She prefers staying in her house than going to school.Not that she doesn't love education.She infact is enthusiastic to study and become a scientist..But when you talk about school its a big No No for her.

          And when asked whats the reason she simply says one word "toilets".Bablis parents are not that rich ,so they enrolled her in a government School.But the school doesnt have any Toilets.And they have to setlle for Open Defecation.And for babli its a big no no because her dignity will be hurt..And unfortunately we lost a bright scientist due to unavailablity of proper Toilets.

    Babli is just a metaphorical example.There are thousands of girls in the nook and corners of India that quit school due to this Issue of toilets.

     Also Open Defecation has lot of impacts

Health Impact
1)Open Defecation results in Diarroheal diseases.
2)Open Defecation results in Weakened Immune system and stunted growth especially for children under 5 years
3)Can result in Cholera and typhoid
4)Unavailablity of Toilet can become a major issue as far as Menstural cycle is concerned

  There are also gender issues and safety concerns for girls defecating in  the open 

Socio Economic Impacts 
    The unavailability of Toilets can also lead to lot of Socio-Economic Impacts.A considerable drop out from school means an unskilled Human resource that in-turn results in Low GDP.Also since open Defecation leads to lot of Health issues,people will spend most of their life fighting Health Issues.Forget Trained Human Resource.

So its invetiable that every school in every corner of the world must have a Proper Toilet.

Domex is doing a very good job in this Regard.Domex Toilet Academy(DTA) launched on 19th November 2013 aims to become a sustainable and long-term solution to provide sanitation that benefits the local community and helps stimulate the local economy. The Toilet Academy makes toilets accessible and affordable, while promoting the benefits of clean toilets & good hygiene.

More and More NGOs, Government organisations Should come together to Eradicate this Problem.Finding solution to this issue must be the topmost Priority

We cant afford to Lose scientists Because of Toilets

You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

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The Magic of Touch....

He was devastated.The spirit in him had become numb.Tears were not rolling from his eyes,yet he was crying.His tender heart was carrying a compounded wound..The world felt like an alien planet to him.In the big crowd..he sat in a corner like a loser.....

              He had lost it.His dream was shattered.He had worked day and night with a monomaniacal focus just to acheive that.But somewhere something fell short.And he had lost that National Singing Finals.He had given up his job,all interests ,parties just to realise his beloved dream.He had spent days and nights composing,rehearsing;practising verse after verse line after line.But nothing materialized.

             To add to his wounds the previous day he had a fierce argument with his love.She was trying to convince him to take up a job and keep singing as a hobby so that they can marry and settle down.But he was so ambitious at that time that he proclaimed saying "You see sweetheart,i will become a rockstar".Fed  up with him she left saying ,call me back if you plan to take up a Job.Else we are done with relationship....

             It was but obvious that she didn't turn up for the finale....

   Seated in the dark corner of the big hall..He was lost in thoughts.Neither did Music love him back nor the girl.Two tear drop just rolled from his eyes through his cheeks to the floor.The two  tear drops indicated his two loves that had frowned upon him..The Girl and The Music.........

   While he was crying someone put a hand on his shoulder.He turned around to see who it was.It was her.He looked at her with his teary eyes.He was numb.Didn't know what to say.....

   She held his hand .And looked into his eyes with a consoling look..She then hugged him tight and said "Don't worry ,I am always there with you and so is Music.You will soon become a rock star"..

He hugged her tight and sobbed a lot yet his spirit was uplifted by her magic Touch.The tears now were an amalgamtion of lost hope and Hope regained...:)

P.S. Do check this Link

Also check out this beautiful video


Monday, November 10, 2014

We need more Satyameva Jayatessss....

           Yesterday I was watching Satyameva Jayate which was discussing about Some societal issue .Its indeed a magnificent show,that throws light on so many Issues.But that's not what I am going to talk about in thi s blogpost .I am going to talk about a thought that occured to me while watching it.
            If  "Satyameva Jayate" has become a program of such High Stature and Wide reach  its because of "Amir Khan".I agree that there is an efficient research team that works day and night to collect information and conceptualize each show,but if it was not Aaamir Khan it had a meagre chance of Getting this Popular....

          Imagine if the program was run by a social activist who has tremendous knowledge in his/her respective field.Its but Obvious that the show would have been a Big Flop.The Presence of Aamir Khan makes sure the audience connects to him and hence gets connected to whatever is depicted on the show.The urban educated class might  appreciate the program if it was run by "someone else",but to reach the masses of India it has to be a well known- popular face because all they know is their Bollywood Hero and Heroins and not Social workers.

         So i urge all the actors and actresses to come up with  lot of such shows and spread the message to the nook and corners of the country.Its their responsibility to educate people and broaden their thoughts.They should not forget that they are stars because of these people.Its time to give back.

       The T.V channels,Hollywood actors/actress and social workers should come up with more programs for a better India.